Zunng - 2023
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38.3 x 42
Artwork type

Medium: Gouache on paper
Dimension: 36cm x 39.5cm
38.3cm x 42cm (including frame)


Artist Profile:

Zunng (Nguyễn Hoàng Dung)
She was born in 1995 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Graduated from Hanoi University of Fine Arts, Vietnam. Zung’s works are often not of a specific thing or subject, but her individual abstract visualization.
“Sketching and drawing for me is basic instinct, just like breathing. Painting, on the other hand, gives me self-discovery and fulfillment.” — Zunng


Recent Exhibitions
2022 – 42PaintingStudio Group exhibition
2022 – Hanoi Art Connecting 5 at VCCA
2021 – “Toi la chung ta” exhibition of 42PaintingStudio
2018,2019,2021 – Art for you
2017,2022 – Youth Art Festival