WIND VENT (6 Tiles)

Leandro Marcelino - 2023
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41 x 29 x 6

Medium: Walnut with natural dye and ceramic tiles fired at high temperature.
Dimension: 41cm x 29cm x 6cm


Artist profile:

Leandro Marcelino
He was born in 1987 in Canary Islands, Spain.
Resides and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Specializing in ceramic sculpture, Marcelino is best known for his evocative works crafted from natural clays and materials, often displayed out of their conventional context or imbued with personal narratives tied to the land. His artistry navigates the intersection between societal inquiry and the intimate relationship individuals share with the landscape and nature.
Marcelino’s work is characterized by a profound exploration of questions pertaining to society and personal connections to the environment. Through his ceramic sculptures and installations, he invites viewers to contemplate themes of identity, belonging, and ecological consciousness. Noteworthy among his projects is the establishment of the first handmade ceramic store in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, “Hey Camel Ceramics”, an endeavor that underscores his commitment to fostering a vibrant artistic community and promoting the craft of ceramics within the region.

2014-2015 : Professional Japanese Pottery Training, Overland Club, HCMC, Vietnam.
2005-2006 : Superior Technical Degree in Photography, Fernando Estévez Art School, S/C Tenerife, Spain.
2002-2004 : Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), Fernando Estévez Art School, S/C Tenerife, Spain.

Selected exhibitions:
2015 : Collection No.5 for Paloma Wool, Paloma Wool Store, Barcelona, Spain. [Group exhibition]

Professional contributions:
2014-Present : Creative Director and Founder, Hey Camel Ceramics, HCMC, Vietnam.
2021 : Ceramic Exhibition, Hey Camel Ceramics, At Maison Phieu Store, HCMC, Vietnam.
2020 : Invitation to Workshop “Vases and Planters”, The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, HCMC, Vietnam.
2017 : Workwear Collection designed by Hey Camel x Linda Mai Phuong, Label Concept Store, HCMC, Vietnam.
2015-2016 : Ceramic Instructor, Overland Club, HCMC, Vietnam..
2014-2014 : Ceramic Assistant, Overland Club, HCMC, Vietnam.