Red dragon Vietnamese beer chair ( Large piece)

Bát Tràng Museum - 2023
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46 x 39 x 32


Dimension: 46cm x 39cm x 32cm


Artist profile:

Bát Tràng Museum
Bát Tràng Museum was founded by national artist Vũ Thắng.
Vũ Thắng was born in 1955 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
He is an artisan, painter, ceramic collector, was raised in Bát Tràng Village – a 700-year-old ceramic village lying beneath the scenic right-side of Hong river (Gia Lam, Ha Noi), well-known as the capital land’s elite of ceramics. After graduating in ceramic arts at Hanoi’s University of Industrial Fine Art, in 1980, Vũ Thắng dedicated his career to gathering integral knowledge of fine arts. As an expression of his inner thoughts and feelings, Vũ Thắng’s creations combine the quintessence of traditional landscapes with a contemporary philosophy resulting in highly creative and unique pieces.