Peach (No.2)

Đào Thảo Phương - 2023
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41 x 28.5
Artwork type

Medium: Gouache on paper

Dimension: 41cm x 28.5cm


Artist Profile:

Đào Thảo Phương
– ( b.1992), Hải Phòng
– Graduated from Academy of Finance, 2014.

“I enjoy painting because it can inspire me to feel wonder and joy,
so as I practice art, I hope to produce pieces that will do the
same. It generates feelings in the viewer as well as myself
through the colors, the fields, and the surface of the each artwork.

Being a long-time independent artist, joining the 42 Painting
Studio Club is a valuable experience for me __ a small space
filled with energy and passionate. At 42 Painting Studio Club, I
found partners who persisted in their artistic search and dug
deep inside themselves, create a unique route for each person.”


Recent exhibition
-Fine Arts Exhibition Hai Phong (VN) – Gwangju (HQ), 2022
-Hai Phong Fine Arts Exhibition, 2019
-Hai Phong Fine Arts Exhibition, 2018