Steffany Trần - 2023
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H20 x W13.5
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Inspired by the mặc nưa fruit, the piece illustrates the deep black that surfaces when the naturally green fruit is plucked, ground, and oxidized overnight — transitioning into an all-natural midnight dye for lacquer silk. The movement of dye and layers of black are mirrored by the varied surfaces within this application of crawling glaze.

Materials: High-fired porcelain, glaze

Additional info: Water resistant, but not recommended for water to sit inside for long periods of time (3+ days)

Dimension: H 20cm x W 13.5cm


Artist Profile:

Steffany Trần 

Steffany Tran is a Vietnamese ceramist based in
New York city, with a background is in industrial design.
Through porcelain, she focuses on crafting
pure forms with a human touch. She constantly
experiments with dynamism and contrast in form,
considering how pieces stand independently as well
as their balance in groups — embodying moments of
honesty, comfort, and warmth. She primarily works
with porcelain for not only its elegant results when
fired but for its fickle personality when throwing,
celebrating its carefree, unpredictable nature.

Vy Voi is a design studio based in New York, NY and Sài Gòn, VN by Steffany Trần, focusing on objects, lighting, and furniture.  An industrial designer and ceramic artist, her work connects the dots between historical Vietnamese art and her belief of tenderness in the everyday—expressed into enriching, emotional dialogues. All works are designed, produced, and assembled in NY. Vy Voi has been featured in Surface, Business of Home, and Interior Design Magazine, and curated as part of Milan Design Week, NYCxDesign and MASS MoCA.