Maane lamp set Cocoon

Axcis Japan - 2023
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D 420 x H 260

Medium: a pendant shade made of paper folded by hand into a geometric form.
Dimension : D 420mm x H 260mm
Shade Material: High-quality craft paper
Lamp core: Polyester, iron, ceramic
Compatible bulb: E27 LED bulb only


The term “MÅNE=MAANE” in Danish translates to ‘moon’. The Maane lamp series showcases pendant shades meticulously handcrafted from folded paper, creating a sophisticated geometric structure. Crafted with off-white paper, these shades exude a robust visual appeal complemented by a distinct warmth. To fortify resilience against fading, scratching, staining, and moisture-related wear, the surface of the Maane series is finished with a protective ‘matte laminate’ coating.

【About the brightness】

The MÅNE series is designed with a paper-covered bulb, so the light spreads softly.
For places where you want a soft light, such as bedrooms, a single bulb may be sufficient, but for places where you need more brightness, such as dining rooms, please use in combination with other lighting such as downlights or spotlights.


Artist profile:


Axcis, Inc. is a Japanese design and manufacturing company established in 1988. Their products are Japanese designed which range from lighting to hardware accessories to enrich your daily living. Axcis designs own products and produce them in different regions of the world including Vietnam, in cooperation with skilled and dedicated craftsmen. These products are offered to interior or architecture design offices, construction companies, and retails shops all over Japan.