Mr. Bambii - 2023
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37H x 17W x 17D
Artwork type

A series fictional imaginary landscape, and enforce obedience visible, the artworks can capture as
anything as your visualization can create. It can appear as times, a view of a tornado thundercloud or a fully active volcano,
or an oceanic nautical. A peacefully soft warm moss rock in the shape of a cloud.. the vision at your privilege to claim.

Medium: Sculpture

Wax, Color powder, Ink, Paint, Paper, Silicone on Canvas.

Dimension: 37H x 17W x 17D cm /piece

The pair should only be display vs sold together as one.


Artist Profile

(b.1993) Chinese – Vietnamese.
He is a multimedia artist. Originally a poet, he soon turned to performance art & sculpture as a decision to live out the body of his poetry.
“I do art as if it is the most natural thing for me to be doing. I know that I was born an artist, as I know that I was born a gay man.” — Mr. Bambii