Phúc Văn Đặng - 2023
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100 x 70 x 10
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Medium: MDF 

Dimension: 100cm x 70cm x 10cm


Artist Profile:

Phúc Văn Đặng

He was born in 1972 in Vietnam. He came to Denmark in 1981. He studied graphic design and has worked with design, concept- and product development. Today he utilizes this background in his diverse work as an artist, graphic designer, speaker and workshop-giver and in collaborations with i.a. clothing manufacturers and product designers, Phuc Van Dang explores themes such as identity, belonging, human nature and community engagement, and as a cultural facilitator he creates new connections between art, design and communication.

In a process over several years, Phuc Van Dang has worked to master the black line, and he only uses black paint in his murals and smaller works. However, the limited choice of colors is not a reduction, but rather an intensification. The black color is deep and saturated, with no trace of color variation and visible brush strokes, and his almost meditative focus in working with a can of black paint and a single brush becomes an image of being present in the moment. The black line can be seen as an interpretation of the shadows in life; in a shadow lies both the past, the present and the future. If there were no shadow, there would be no light and life. His works are a fusion of street art, painting and design, and he depicts human relationships, emotions and nature through visual fables in a balance between the abstract and the recognizable.


Recent Exhibitions
2018  34 Years – 34 Art Works Group Exhibition
Horsens Kunst museum Horsens Denmark
2011  Walk This Way Group Exhibition
KØS – Museum of Art in Public Spaces Køge Denmark