ĐIỆP (NO.43)

Mifa - 2019
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87 x 117.1
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Materials: Acrylic on Điệp paper mounted on canvas

Dimension: 70cm x 100 cm (2 pieces)

87cm x 117.1cm (including frame)


Artist Profile:

Mifa (Lê Vũ Anh Nhi)
(b.1990) Đà Nẵng, Vietnam.
Graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture in 2013 and is currently a practicing artist living and working in Da Nang. Since 2015, Mifa has focused on researching and experimenting with acrylic paint on traditional Vietnamese scallop paper, producing numerous artworks that explore the harmony and conflicts of Eastern identity in the age of globalization, alongside a desire to preserve and develop folk spirit through the medium of painting. Through artistic practice, she studies and seeks to reproduce painting techniques from ancient Eastern civilizations such as cave painting, patterns, book decoration, gold leaf, calligraphy, watercolor, hand printing, paper collage… combining them with personal techniques inspired by Vietnamese lacquer painting materials.


Recent exhibition
2014  Group exhibitions at Sao La Art Space (Ho Chi Minh City).
2021  “Điệp” at Mơ Art Space (Hanoi) – Mifa’s first solo exhibition.
2022 Group exhibition Nổ Cái Bùm in Da Lat.
2022 Group exhibition as part of the MAP project organized by Heritage Space in Hanoi “Điệp” solo exhibition at Mơ Art Space in Hanoi