Candle (Small)

Yuji Tokunaga - 2023
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D 4.5 x H 8.5

Medium: Soy wax candles are vegetable wax (soybean oil), and compared to general paraffin wax,

It is an attractive raw material because it contains very little soot, has no chemical smell, and emits little CO2.

The fragrance contained in the candles is handcrafted one by one with a unique blend of essential oils.

The flowing wax melts down as if to memorize the passage of time, creating a different expression for each.

The appearance itself is a major feature of the c’è c’è candle . 

Dimension: D 4.5cm x H 8.5cm



Artist Profile:

Yuji Tokunaga

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture and lives in Fukuoka.

From 2012,  c’è ​​​c’è ( Cheche) activity started.

Irregularly held an aperitif, where you can enjoy exhibitions and sales, candlelight, and knowledge of wine and cooking.

​”Extraordinary in everyday life.

We are working every day through trial and error to deliver something to people who have candles in their hands.” – Yuji Tokunaga