Đào Thảo Phương - 2023
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38.1 x 51.2
Artwork type

Medium: Gouache on paper
Dimension: 41cm x 28.5cm
38.1cm x 51.2cm (including frame)
Floatboard color: white


Artist Profile:

Đào Thảo Phương
She was born in 1992 in Hải Phòng, Vietnam.
Graduated from Academy of Finance, 2014.
Phương has a strong passion for painting as it allows her to experience a sense of wonder and joy. Her goal as an artist is to create works that can evoke similar emotions in others. The use of colors, composition, and textures in each of her artworks serves to generate these emotions, both within the viewer and within herself. As an established independent artist, her experience of joining the 42 Painting Studio Club has been invaluable. Holding a small yet vibrant space, the club has provided her with the opportunity to connect with fellow artists who are dedicated to their creative pursuits and are forging unique paths of artistic expression.


Recent exhibition
2022 Fine Arts Exhibition Hai Phong (VN) – Gwangju (HQ)
2019 Hai Phong Fine Arts Exhibition
2018 Hai Phong Fine Arts Exhibition