Văn Ngọc - 2020
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79 x 86
Artwork type

Medium: Mixed media

Dimension: 79cm x 86cm (including frame)


Artist Profile:

Văn Ngọc

(b. Phu Tho, Vietnam, 1959)
Graduated from the painting faculty of Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1992.
From 1995 to 2006, he participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions, establishing his own modest yet notable mark in the history of contemporary Vietnamese painting. With his creative power, he explored new forms to express his artistic ideals. No longer confined to the classical definition of an artist, he began working with various materials such as wood, iron, and ceramic.
Van Ngoc’s art spans two-dimensional surfaces, three-dimensional planes, and installations in “multi-dimensional” spaces. The majority of his paintings, sculptures, and installations are performed on aged, primitive frameworks that carry tales of the past—stories of materials, people, time, and hopes. During this new creative period, while exploring other forms of expression, Văn Ngọc remained loyal to his aesthetic beliefs. He pursues his art research not with disregard for general aesthetic principles, but with a profound experience awakened by human cultural knowledge.
His work is characterized by passionate emotions, boundless imagination, and the hard labor of daily effort, culminating in artistic details that seamlessly integrate into collections such as “The Quartet Collection,” “The Lantern Collection,” and “The Cemetery Collection.”
In the book Vietnamese Young Painters by Phan Cam Thuong and Luong Xuan Dao, they write about Van Ngoc: “Having grown up in Vinh Phu, a desolate and barren midland, Van Ngoc experienced a difficult childhood, reflected in his pictures filled with contradictions. There is not only barrenness and austerity but also optimism and a dream of peace. The poignant feeling is mixed with sweet meaning, leading to strong penmanship. His openness is secured by the humane life rooted in the traditions of the northern commune.”
Some of his notable installation performances have been recognized internationally, particularly in France (Toulouse) and the USA (Vermont). Works such as “Anti-war,” “Language Barrier,” and “Artist’s Journey” have garnered attention. His use of The Tale of Kieu as the main material for the installation work “Memorial to the Ancients” was highly appreciated and admired by his international colleagues. This creative idea, deeply rooted in national culture, helped him apply new forms in a way that avoided hybridity and strangeness.


Recent Exhibitions
2019 “The Island” – Installation exhibition at Van Ngoc Prison, Vung Tau
2017 “Drift” – Installation exhibition at Binh Duong, Vietnam.
2016 Personal Art Gallery – Exhibition at the basement of Post Office Hotel, Vung Tau.
2008 “The Universe” – exhibit this in order to exchange speciality with contemporary young artists in the South.

2011 “The Portrait”  First Prize at Vietnam Fine Arts Association
2004 “Aftershocks”  First Prize at Vietnam Fine Arts Association