Văn Ngọc - 2020
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79 x 86
Artwork type

Medium: Mixed media

Dimension: 79cm x 86cm (including frame)


Artist Profile:

Văn Ngọc

(b. Phu Tho, Vietnam, 1959)
He grew up and studied in an art school in Phu Tho Province.
Van Ngoc’s arts are set in a two-dimensional surface, three-dimensional
plane, to the installation of “multi-dimensional” space. The majority of
his paintings, sculptures and installations were performed on aged,
primitive framework, which carried on the past tales of materials, folks,
time and hopes.


Recent Exhibitions
2019 “The Island” – Installation exhibition at Van Ngoc Prison, Vung Tau
2017 “Drift” – Installation exhibition at Binh Duong, Vietnam
2016 Personal Art Gallery – Exhibition at the basement of Post Office
Hotel, Vung Tau

“The Portrait” – 2011 First Prize at Vietnam Fine Arts Association
“Aftershocks” – 2006 First Prize at Vietnam Fine Arts Association